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Q1) How many list is possible to create?

Answer- You may create an unlimited number of lists. You can create a different list for each newsletter, interest group or demographic that you wish to reach. You can just create them & delete them as & when you want.

 Q2) What kind of templates you have?

Answer- We have many clearly designed ready to use HTML email templates which are attractive & proven to generate business & interest of the email reader.

Q3) How can I sure that emails are delivered?

Answer- We have outstanding emailing software technology that ensure all emails are sent out promptly. When emails are delivered, a confirmation email is sent to you which provide all the information about the campaign such as start and finish time of the campaign and provide confirmation of all emails sent.

 Q4) Can I get the email marketing software?

Answer- No, we donít provide email marketing software, but in our services you will get all the features in it. We provide ready to use online Interface & has more features & better capability than any other software.

 Q5) Can I change my plan according to my requirements?

Answer- Absolutely yes! You can change to a smaller or larger at any point of time according to your email-campaign demand. We provide you all plans on a credit basis & hence you can buy any number of email credits as & when you want.

Q6) How can send out emails without SMPT server?

Answer- Off course! We have a built-in SMTP server which can deliver emails directly to recipients mailbox.

Q7) Can I use to send SPAM?

Answer- No, absolutely not.

Q8) Can I resend the failed emails?

Answer- off course Yes!, you can easily resend the failed emails, Once you've finished sending your mailing. This can improve the sending success ratio.

 Q9) Can I CHECK the bounced back email from my email account?

Answer- Yes, you will get the bounced back email but itís all depends on the reason of which the emails are bounced back such as there can be some server error or do not existing email idís etc.

 Q10) What happen if any kind of interruption does in the emailing process?

Answer- Our software is programmed to memorize where the interruption happen and offer you the option to resend the emails automatically where you left off last time or not.

 Q11) Can I transmit my email addresses to third parties?

Answer- Absolutely not! Please read out our privacy policy where we have explained how we handle these issues.

 Q12) Can I preview my campaign?

Answer- Absolutely yes, you can have the preview of your whole campaign through our automatic inbox preview option. Preview before sending out the campaign helps you to ensure better clickthru & conversion.

 Q13) What are the benefits of using Google Analytics Integration?

Answer- It tracks the emails and helps in data collection; also you can fit perfectly with the adwords through Google Analytics Integration.

 Q14) How can I get the built-in email templates?

Answer- We are providing the choice of dozens of outstanding ready to use icon looking professional HTML email templates whichever you want to use in your campaign, you can use it by just selecting the particular template available in website. Its very simple process.

Q15) Can I archive my sent emails?

Answer- Absolutely yes, we provide you RSS archive format in which you will be able to archive your sent emails.

Q16) What is CSV format?

Answer- Comma-Separated Values (CSV) is a simple file format which is used to move and store tabular data in which numbers and text are stored in plain textual form.

Q17) What is the procedure for create a new account?

Answer- Creating a new account is very simple by clicking signup now & fill the the information after that click on signup your account is created within a few minutes.

 Q18) Is any training available?

 Answer- Yes, you can visit our site and you will get some particle articles. For more information you can call your friendly account executive. If you have any questions, just ask we are here to help. Please visit our Contact Us Page

  Q19) How does the free trial works?

Answer- Free Trial is absolutely free that means you donít need to give us any credit card number for free trial.

  Q20) Is credit card required when signing up?

 Answer- No, Credit card is not required for signing up. Simply you click on signup and fill the information it absolutely free.

 Q21) Can you help to switch my existing email service provider (ESP)?

Answer- Definitely, we can help you to switch your email service provider (ESP).

 Q22) How will I charged bill for bulk emailing?

Answer- We charge our customer on a 100% prepaid basis we accept payments through PayPal, ClickBank, Alertpay, Strompay & electronic fund transfer (EFT).

 Q23) Is any kind of companyís logo can I used in my HTML mailing?

Answer- Yes off course! You can use any kind of logo, picture, graphics or images in your HTML emails. You are the owner over the look and contents of your emails.

Q24) How can I be sure that my email contacts are secure?

Answer- Donít worry! You can mentione full ownership on your contact at all times. We have develop highly secured data that will NEVER share, give, exchange, sell, rent-out, copy or use your list.

 Q25) What constitutes spam emailing?

Answer- Spam is identified as unrequested mass email business relationship or non-opted-in-to your mailing. We also provide our product only to those who follow our strict Anti-spam policy.

 Q26) Can I get the delivery report of my email campaign?

Answer- Yes! We provide the delivery report with all aspects such as pick timing and sending timing from the end of service and the whole delivery status about the emails. This will make you sure that your emails are delivered.

 Q27) How much ratios of my subscribers successfully receive my emails?

Answer- Its all depend on the quality of your contact list and the campaign statistics.

 Q28) How can I import contacts in Bulk Microsoft excel in CSV format?

Answer- Yes! We have an option of CSV format using this format you can import your contacts in Bulk Microsoft excel in CSV format.

 Q29) How can I keep my list clean?

Answer- We provides you automatic bounce handling option through which you are able to keep your list always clean.

 Q30) How can I personalize my emails?

Answer- We has provided you the advanced features for it. Once you logged in you will get all the details about it.

 Q31) Can I edit my HTML emails?

Answer- Absolutely! You can edit your HTML emails through advanced HTML editing option.

 Q32) How can I get the advantage of WYSIWYG HTML editor?

Answer- You can edit your pictures, imgages, graphics etc.... through this WYSIWYG HTML option.

Q33) Can I unsubscribe any person from my account?

Answer- Yes off course! We are providing you easy, automatic unsubscribe links where you can unsubscribe the person on one click.

In case you have any thing that you want to ask, please contact us & let us know. We will revert back to you within 24 working hours. 

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