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Unsolicited commercial mail marketing is Expensive for us due to following reason -

Sending email is not that costly, but its price is based on the type of content & the purpose of sending it:

1) If you send good quality content which is informational or related to recipients transactions for which user is subscribed, expecting and wanting then you don't have any problem. Usually you get good response to such email efforts.

2) But if you send unsolicited, advertorial and non-compliant email, delivery will be problem as many may mark that email as spam on popular email domains like gmail, yahoo, hotmail. All these result in blacklisting and IP reputation damage which is very expensive for us.

So we have provided a dedicated servers for high volume purchasers with their own set of IP addresses so as to ensure that our small regular clients may not be hurt.

Following activities are included in our transactional email category:

1) transactional mail like order confirmations, website registrations or receipts to people who sign up for your service or application, newsletters, ezine to opt in subscribers, special offer to your old clients, people who have specifically subscribed and include a very clear and large unsubscribe button.

Any email campaign on purchased email lists, extracted from internet, promoting affiliate marketing or business opportunity, casino, gambling, dating related mails have low reputation as per Internet standard & hence all such activities falls under non transactional & unsolicited.
Email Marketing Prices (1 Credit = 1 Email)

Buy 1 Package & Get another 2 of same value ABSOLUTELY FREE.
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Small & Medium Enterprises Packages (Validity 12 Months)

1. 10,000 email credits

Get additional 20,000 email credits FREE.
US $25

2. 25,000 email credits

Get additional 50,000 email credits FREE.
US $50

3. 50,000 email credits

Get additional 100,000 email credits FREE.

US $90
4. 100,000 email credits

Get additional 200,000 email credits FREE.

US $160
5. 300,000 email credits

Get additional 600,000 email credits FREE.

US $400
Large Volume Packages for Marketing, Promotions, Newsletters & Campaigns
(Dedicated Server Provided)

6. 500,000 email credits

Get additional 1,000,000 email credits FREE.

US $600
7. 1,000,000 email credits

Get additional 2,000,000 email credits FREE.

US $1000
8. 2,500,000 email credits

Get additional 5,000,000 email credits FREE.

US $2000
9. 5,000,000 email credits

Get additional 10,000,000 email credits FREE.

US $3500
10. 10,000,000 email credits

Get additional 20,000,000 email credits FREE.

US $6000
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